February 7, 2022

“So this is your life mission – to create a society where people can freely experience spiritual liberation,” said Chris Stefanick of Louis Brown. Stefanick interviewed Brown on his Chris Stefanick Show on February 7, 2022. The two enjoyed their discussion centering around God’s love, civil society and the current threats to religious freedom.

Louis Brown, Executive Director of the Christ Medicus Foundation, sat for the half-hour interview. They shared that it is God’s love, in the particular of each and every one of us individually, that should animate all that we do. Brown noted that “civil society exists to help people to be who God made them to be … but when civil society gets away [from this foundation] souls can be lost.”

Spend a half hour to watch this interview and be in thought and prayer with it.

Special thanks to Chris Stefanick for his brilliant ministry and sharing his uninhibited love of Christ.

Watch the episode below.