Join Us in Defending
Religious Freedom in Health Care

Now more than ever, our Church and our country need your help to defend religious freedom in health care. The protection of the unborn and the survival of truly Catholic health care depend on it. That’s why the Christ Medicus Foundation asks for your financial support, as well as your prayers and your collaboration.

Your Gift Defends Religious Freedom and Builds a Powerful Christ-centered Catholic Healthcare Community

Your gift empowers the Christ Medicus Foundation to defend life and religious freedom in health care, to build authentically Catholic medical care, to protect the poor and vulnerable, and most importantly to share Jesus Christ’s healing love in health care.

CMF accomplishes this mission through public education, public policy, growing Christ-centered Catholic medical services, and offering  the CMF CURO Catholic health sharing option.  

Educate and Engage

CMF educates and engages Catholics across the country about the impact of health care policy on the protection of Life and Religious Freedom and the Church’s beautiful teaching on building a culture of life in health care.

Defend Religious Freedom in Law & Public Policy

CMF promotes the Human and Civil Right to Religious Freedom and the Right of Individual Conscience in Health Care through law, public policy, and cultural renewal.

Protect and Expand Christ-Centered Catholic Healthcare

Build, Grow, and Expand Christ-centered Catholic Health Care Providers, especially those that care for those most in need. Grow the CMF CURO Catholic Health Care option that provides an affordable, Christ-centered, and healing Health Sharing solution to individuals, families, employers, and communities.

Thank you for your Witness and Support for Life, Religious Freedom, and the Protection of Catholic Healthcare!