February 1, 2022

Wesley J. Smith wrote a commentary, “Defending Catholic Healthcare” in First Things that “The threats against religious freedom in the United States have become so acute that five major Catholic organizations have formed the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance (CHCLA), a nonprofit coalition dedicated to defending the right of Catholic hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions—as well as Catholic doctors, nurses, and pharmacists—to provide care and treatment in accordance with the moral precepts of the Catholic Church.”

The Christ Medicus Foundation is one of the founding organizations of the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance and id defending Catholic health care.

Smith continued to write in the opening of his commentary, “The CHCLA hopes that Catholic health companies big and small will join to protect the right of Catholics to participate in the healthcare system without violating their faith.

“Why now? Medical conscience—that is, the right of medical professionals and healthcare institutions to refuse to provide procedures, such as abortion, that violate their religious or moral beliefs—has been under mounting pressure for more than a decade. But there are strong indications that the Biden administration intends to attack medical conscience rights energetically in the coming months.”

For additional information on the importance of the new Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance, read CMF’s press release.