October 10, 2022

CMF Executive Director Louis Brown spoke on Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show defending life and dignity on college campuses.

Many leaders on college campuses and elected officials are engaging in scare-mongering of late. They are claiming that, in certain states, health care on college campuses will be reduced. They say that state laws taking effect in the wake of the Dobbs decision will harm their health care services.

When the abortion industry says that these state anti-abortion laws also will prohibit birth control, they are lying. It is not true. We need to call them out on this deception. State pro-life laws are focused on abortion, not contraception.

Additionally, it is important to recognize that abortion is not health care. It does violence to the pregnant mother and it kills an innocent life. And frankly, because abortion is not health care, it has no business being available in a university setting. Colleges and universities exist to educate, not facilitate the killing of unborn children.

Abortion never has been and never will be health care. Abortion never was a constitutional right. Abortion never has been and never will be a civil right. Thanks be to God, there are more pro-life pregnancy clinics than there are abortion clinics in the United States.

Now more than ever, we need to expand pro-life medical care for pregnant mothers, unborn children, and families. We need to do all we can to increase access to true health care.

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