September 20, 2022

CMF Executive Director Louis Brown, Jr., J.D., traveled to Saint Benedict Institute at Hope College in Michigan to discuss the current landscape of religious freedom and challenges for young people. Louis talked about the sanctity of life and civil rights on a range of healthcare concerns and issues, and he greatly appreciated the opportunity to talk with young people on these unprecedented foundational challenges we are seeing to human dignity and our constitutional rights.

He discussed current threats to religious freedom, the foundational importance of human dignity, and how Christians can respond to our contemporary situation.

Louis spoke in part about the urgent need to defend our religious freedom and expand Christ-centered care that heals the whole person in the face of the Biden Administration’s recent efforts to mandate abortions and transgender procedures and to destroy religious freedom in health care. “In recent decades, the civil rights of religious freedom and medical conscience have been increasingly challenged, especially in the area of healthcare. These challenges have undermined the protection of human dignity,” he said.

These attacks on the rights to life and religious freedom are devastating for unborn children and for the dignity and rights of all people. These attacks on religious freedom also unjustly seek to abolish our God-given right to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a world who so desperately needs to know of God’s love.

Watch Louis’ speech below.