The health and safety of young girls and women are at great risk

For Immediate Release
February 16, 2023

“The health and safety of young girls and women are at great risk by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s actions to bypass standards of care that have long secured the due protection and rights of patients in the physician-patient relationship,” said Louis Brown, Jr., Esq., Executive Director of the Christ Medicus Foundation.

On February 10, Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) and other pro-life and Catholic organizations, including the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance and the Susan B. Anthony List, submitted an amicus brief in support of the motion filed for a preliminary injunction by the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM) against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) illegal and negligent approval for use of the chemical abortion drug mifepristone.

The FDA utilized inadequate data failing to properly assess the safety of these chemical abortion pills and overtime, has dangerously been removing physician recommended safeguards for use of these drugs. Among these safeguards is the elimination of the requirement for those prescribing these drugs to meet in person with women, thereby enabling the prescription of chemical abortion pills via telemedicine. The result is dangerous for women with undiagnosed pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancies if they take this drug, further complicating and delaying their ability to receive timely and potentially life-saving diagnoses.

“If we are to ensure the safety of patients and keep secure the long-standing medical right of informed consent, these dangerous drugs must be removed from the market,” said Mariah Buzza, Assistant Director of Health Policy and Member Community for CMF CURO.

“It is absurd to me that when Roe was overturned, one of the main arguments against its overturning was that it would put mothers experiencing ectopic pregnancies at greater risk of adverse outcomes,” continued Mariah Buzza. “The FDA’s irresponsible legalization of these chemical abortion drugs, specifically the removal of the requirement to ensure intrauterine pregnancy before prescription, puts women with unknown ectopic pregnancies seeking these drugs at great risk as the symptoms of ongoing abortion and ectopic pregnancies are often indistinguishable. And yet, these drugs are being applauded for widespread and unrestricted use. The FDA’s negligence is a grave failure to the women of our nation and a wholistic assault on human life.”

“Christ Medicus Foundation firmly supports the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine’s case for the removal of chemical abortion pills from the market for the protection of human life at all stages and the medical rights of patients,” said Louis Brown.

The Christ Medicus Foundation shares Jesus Christ’s healing love in health care. We champion religious freedom for medical professionals and patients. We promote Christ-centered pro-life medical care, and we offer our CURO Catholic health care community for medical needs and whole-person wellness.  Founded in 1997, the Christ Medicus Foundation works to accomplish its mission in religious freedom and medical conscience through promoting public policy and education, supporting Christ-centered pro-life medical centers and our CURO health care community.

PRESS CONTACT: Kathy Dempsey for Christ Medicus Foundation