On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, CMF Executive Director Louis Brown appeared on Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection radio show educating listeners on the dangerous and extreme Proposal 3 on the ballot this November in Michigan.

Louis talked about the “collapse of human dignity. … It has grown into an attitude within too much of our public policy; within too much of our medical ethics that says that there are certain lives that are not worth living. … That’s what’s at stake with Prop 3.”

“This isn’t Michigan,” said Louis of the radical Proposal 3.

“Prop 3 will have a devastating effect on the very constituencies that the pro-abortion movement claims to serve. … The lawlessness of elected officials in the state of Michigan in handling this [Proposal 3] is unbelievable. … It undermines the rule of law. It undermines civil rights for the most vulnerable. It undermines the sanctity of life and the health care system. It puts Catholic health care at risk in Michigan. It is devastating.”

Click the button below to listen to the complete interview on Catholic Connection. Louis’ segment begins at the 18:40 minute mark.

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