Executive Director, Louis Brown was recently quoted in the CBN article¬†‘Ridiculous’: States Tell Supreme Court to Force Nuns to Violate Their ‘God-Given Right of Conscience’

‘How Ridiculous & How Ironic’

This has been a seven-year-long battle for the Little Sisters of the Poor. That led Marjorie Dannenfelser to say to them, “How ridiculous and ironic it is that now you’re being taken away from ministering to the poor so that you can be at the Supreme Court.”

Missouri Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler said of the Little Sisters, “Sadly, for too long, the government has been opposing them and trying to shut down this 175-year ministry.”

Louis Brown of Christ Medicus Foundation added, ‘Our US Constitution protects the God-given right of conscience and religious freedom, the right of religious organizations to live out their vocation, live out their mission, out of love for God and neighbor and to care for the poorest and vulnerable.'”