January 22, 2022

Christ Medicus Foundation’s Louis Brown appeared on the EWTN News Special, Walk for Life West Coast. Appearing in their East Coast studio, Brown and the EWTN hosts discussed CMF and its work on conscience rights.

Brown offered three ways to support conscience rights and religious freedom rights. First, “fast and pray … only God can turn things around.” Second, look at how you, the viewer, pays for health care. If someone marches for life but “paying into health care programs that subsidize abortion, what are we doing? We are cutting off our nose to spite our face.” We need to choose pro-life healthcare programs and prolife healthcare options such as CMF CURO.

“We need to divest out of pro-abortion health care and invest into pro-life healthcare programs and plans,” Brown said. Lastly, he called on Catholics to seek care at pro-life health care facilities that also are pro-life. We need to use our market power.

Watch the segment below to see Louis Brown’s interview on the EWTN News Special and enjoy the entire program.

Learn more about CMF CURO here.