Statement by Louis Brown, Esq, Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation

For Immediate Release
May 2, 2022

The Christ Medicus Foundation cheers the prospect of overturning Roe v Wade. However, at CMF, we are outraged at the unprecedented attempt to undermine the rule of law.

We are dismayed by the leak of the draft majority opinion of the United States Supreme Court in the Dobbs case. This is a shocking and overt threat to the rule of law, an independent judiciary and our constitutional republic.

This is an unprecedented pressure campaign against the Supreme Court Justices. This leak must be uncovered.

The Christ Medicus Foundation shares Jesus Christ’s healing love in health care. We champion religious freedom for medical professionals and patients. We promote Christ-centered pro-life medical care, and we offer our CURO Catholic health care community for medical needs and whole-person wellness.  Founded in 1997, the Christ Medicus Foundation works to accomplish its mission in religious freedom and medical conscience through promoting public policy and education, supporting Christ-centered pro-life medical centers and our CURO health care community.

PRESS CONTACT: Kathy Dempsey for Christ Medicus Foundation