On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, CMF Executive Director Louis Brown appeared on Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection radio show. Tomeo and Brown discussed the Biden administration’s expected regulations against medical conscience. Brown said that these rules would be crushing for religious freedom in America.

These expected regulations would make Catholic health care and pro-life health care unlawful. They would disregard existing federal law. And they would be devastating for healthcare access, especially for the poor, vulnerable and those living in rural and inner city areas. Religious freedom in America is at stake.

Brown also applauded efforts at the state level responding to threats to the sanctity of life and the right of medical conscience. Last year, Arkansas and Ohio passed laws securing broad conscience rights. Last month, the state House in South Carolina acted in a similar fashion in passing its Medical Ethics and Diversity bill to protect religious freedom and medical conscience. Hopefully, the South Carolina Senate will pass this medical conscience bill soon.

Brown also offered suggestions to listeners on how they can appropriately influence legislation at the local, state and federal level and how they can support the culture of life and religious freedom in America.

Click the button below for Catholic Connection. Louis’ segment begins at the 34:45 minute mark for the April 5, 2022 show which is titled “Transgendered Surgeries.”

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