On the Son Rise Morning Show on September 26, 2022, Michael Vacca discussed an article he wrote in Homiletics & Pastoral Review about seeking healing through the Sacraments for our polarized nation and Church. Michael is Director of Ministry, Bioethics, and Member Experience for CMF CURO, in in this article and interview with Matt Swaim, Michael explains that “the division in the world is entering the Church because we are failing to live the Sacraments.”

The Lord provides the answer through the Sacraments, explains Michael. “If we live out the Sacraments – Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist and the graces that pertain to those Sacraments – we won’t have these divisions in the Church between pro-life and social justice. The Sacraments are to unify us in the heart of Christ.

“What should be happening – is the unity in the Church should be flowing out from the Church into the world. Instead, it is the division in the world [spreading] into division in the Church.”

There is much more in Michael’s interview. May we all be reminded of the power of the Sacraments and may we seek healing through the Sacraments.

Click the button below to listen to the full interview. And read Michael’s article in Homiletics & Pastoral Review.