Mr. Doerflinger wrote a commentary on saving Catholic health care for Catholic News Service which was syndicated and published in a number of Catholic publications including the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Catholic Philly

January 28, 2022

Should Catholic health care survive? Mr Doerflinger writes in part:

In January, five Catholic medical and professional associations came together to establish the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance.

Its board members represent the Catholic Medical Association, National Catholic Bioethics Center, Catholic Benefits Association, Catholic Bar Association and Christ Medicus Foundation. Bishop James D. Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska, will serve as its first episcopal adviser.

The first health care system to join the alliance is a 12-hospital system, Franciscan Health, also known as Franciscan Alliance. Order of St. Francis Sister Jane Marie Klein, who chairs its board, says the new organization “will defend the right of faith-based providers to deliver care in concert with their religious beliefs.”

Never was the need for such defense more urgent.

For additional information on the importance of the new Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance, read CMF’s press release.